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THE TOWER will be released in October.

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Salt in yer EYEZ


Well, for those who were unawares, I've been haunting MySpace instead of LJ for a while. More functionality and what-not.

In other news... I'M ENGAGED!!!!

Yeah, I said it. :)

Engaged for a whole week and two days now. RAWR!
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Salt in yer EYEZ

Resurrection of the Smiling Goth

So... it's been a couple of years since I updated the website, you may have seen it.

Anyway... registering a site for my mother and finishing NEMESIS got me thinking... I should update.

I started by creating a more creative-oriented profile on here at Smiling_Goth for anyone who would like to add me as a friend.

The plan is to start a more immediately interactive area of SmilingGoth via MySpace. The Smiling_Goth profile will feature news and updates, sneak-peeks at stories, interviews, comics, art, photogrpahy, etc. Membership truly has its privs, kids, so get on the bandwagon now! :)


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Salt in yer EYEZ

In Praise of Sha-Na-Na

I'm sure I've used that title before, but oh well. Deal. It's a Milkmen song, and this post is related to Zipperhead.

After some thought, I began to wonder just what Zipperhead meant. One definition refers to some sort of asian. The dictionary slang version says it's a person with a closed mind or a zombie. IBM has even adopted the term-- I'm guessing for their helpdesk callers. It's also a drink, very close to a Vampire, but instead of cranberry juice, you use 7-up or soda water (not Coke, soda water, aka seltzer).

Who knew? It's also a band in Chicago.

And somewhere out there in internet-land, kids are glad the place is closing because it didn't sell 'dreadlocks'. WTF? Posers much? Grow your own, already. It's not the ghetto fab stores that now plague South Street. It's ZIPPERHEAD. Clearly the lil cherubs have no clue that this is a sign of anyone dubbed 'different' will now be swept cleanly off of a street that used to thrive on the artistic, creative, and DIFFERENT. It was like the East Village. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. Ahhh... to be ignorant and unawares of anything around me...

People at the bar want to know why I drink. I usually give the ole Dean Martin response of 'I drink to forget.... And I forgot what it was I was trying to forget.' But countless bar napkins stuffed with my drunken scrawl and pushed unceremoniously into my pockets night after night reminds me of exactly why I drink. I never lose sight of my purpose. Although I have cut back quite a bit since the Mardi Gras incident...... but that is another story. Show us your tits, indeed.
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