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The Realm of the Digital Dominatrix

The Digital Dominatrix
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Here's a change... I'M HAPPY. Believe it or not.

Other stuff about me:

Struggling writer, web mistress, and java addict by day, one hell of a lover by night.

But seriously... I've been doing the writing/media thing for a while now. I'm working on a column for LegionStudios, and have a good solid background in all things Media.

I like to laugh.... A LOT. And sometimes at the WORST possible moments, like funerals and when people on crutches fall down a flight of stairs. I know I know.... but it's NERVOUS laughter. I swear.

Recently I've taken to carrying a notebook with me and writing about things I see on the subway and in subway stations. It's some pretty entertaining stuff. I also have started taking the notebook to the bar (saves their napkins for my drinks instead).

I also have begun to practice my NYC/South Philly/Jersey City hybrid accent. Now THAT's entertainment.